Member - Brian

Why do I support Blues

In my younger days I lived in Small Heath, not too far away from the ground. I used to go and watch the games as a kid.  In those days if you were a child you used to get in the ground for free at half time!

My first ever game

Blues v Preston North End 2-2 (1979-1980 season)

Interesting stories

I was covering the photography for a birthday event and Michael Magic Johnson made a special appearance.  It was great to meet him and made the event that extra special.

Special Moment (Other than Carling Cup Win)

Doing the double over Villa in the 2002 season!

Best away game experience

Not able to say.  Away matches with us Blues fans are always that extra bit special.

My Favourite Past Player

Frankie Worthington.

Favourite Manager

Chris Hughton, he brought a confidence to Birmingham City’s game and the football was exciting to watch.  We scored a lot of goals in that season.

Favourite kit

Penguin Kit.

Interesting Experiences

Party celebrations following our Carling Cup win. I will never forget them.  It’s something the supporters of the so-called ‘big’ teams take for granted.