Wednesday 14th August 2019

Meet Aman

We recently caught up with Blues First Team Sports Scientist Aman Singh Shergill. Aman first joined the club on a work-placement and has since worked his way to being a key member of the Physical performance department led by Sean Rush. In the four years he has been with the Club he has worked with the following managers; Gary Rowett, Gianfranco Zola, Harry Redknapp, Lee Carsley (Temporary), Steve Cotterill and Garry Monk. Aman now plays a part in assisting Pep Clotet and his backroom team. Working closely with the first team players on injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Aman has followed our activities over the past few years and has been impressed by our efforts to making St Andrew’s all-inclusive. Due to the lack of Asian professionals in the football industry, we were keen to gain an insight into his thoughts on diversity and inclusion. Aman was kind enough to chat to us and answer some of our questions:

Q What are your views on why there are a lack of British Asian footballers playing professionally?

Firstly, I wanted to completely dispel the myth that Asians do not have the strength or stamina to compete at a professional level. Culturally, a career in football isn’t often a viable option. There is a popular belief within the Asian Community that you will not make it as a professional footballer. This also leads onto the fact that there are no Asian role models for younger generations to aspire to. Generally, there is a small percentage of young children that make it as professional footballers. We (British Asians) probably make up less than 10% of the population within the Country. The statistics are low to begin with and participation at Academy level would usually be small to begin with.”

Q Are there any British Asian Players that will make the breakthrough anytime soon?

Malvind Benning is a highly rated player at Mansfield Town and hopefully he will continue to climb up the leagues.”

Q What would you say to a young British Asian trying to get into football?

I would tell any young aspiring footballer that 100% dedication to being professional is the key.”

Q Which player do you look up to most? “Steven Gerrard was the complete player and for his leadership qualities.”

Q What is the best part of your job?

“Working everyday with all the players and staff at the Club, they are fantastic to work with. There is a strong bond and good work ethic with everyone and makes a positive working environment.”

Q What advice would you give to any person who would like to pursue a career in Sports Science? “Relatively speaking I’m only at the beginning of my career and still learning but for people looking for their first step in:

1. Work hard to get all the experiences you can.

2. Don’t give up when things get difficult. Be confident. 3. Always keep learning.”

Q Have you ever experienced racism in football?

“No. I have never had any remarks or comments made to my face in football. However, it is difficult to comment on other people’s thoughts which they may have inside and potentially cause barriers.”

Q Where do you want to be in 5 years time? “I want the Club to be established in the Premier League and would still like to be with the Club as a Sports Scientist.”

Q Who has been your biggest influence? “My Mum, always been a family man.”

“I’d also like to make a comment on the great work everyone is doing at Blues 4 All. The work to make the club completely all-inclusive, the vision to want to have every child in Birmingham experience a St. Andrew’s game, the work done for multiple charities, everything is completely selfless and you all deserve recognition for everything you do. Sitting with you and hearing about all your work was inspirational for me, so thank you and long may it continue.”


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