Saturday 12th October 2019

Non-League Day – Moors

Saturday 12th Oct was the 10 year anniversary of National Non League Day.  The past few seasons our group has supported our local team Solihull Moors.  This year was no different and we were able to take a few friends and families to their first ever match at the Moors.

Solihull Moors beat Bromley FC 2-1 with a very impressive win.

Our friend Pete attended his first ever game and provided his thoughts…

“It took 55 years, endless persuasion from some of my closest friends and the promise of a free pint but last weekend I finally did it. I went to my first live game of football. It was the initiative from the Fans For Diversity campaign and National Non-League Day that finally put everything in place. A contingent from Blues 4 All crawled their way up the A45 to meet at Solihull Moors to spend an afternoon watching them play Conference Premier Joint League leaders Bromley. I had no idea what to expect having previously only ever witnessed the beautiful game on television screens. We were welcomed with open arms by various dignitaries from the home team and spent an hour or two before kick off chatting to both sets of fans who were huddled in little intermingling groups in the bar. The team’s owner was particularly accommodating. As the ladies found their way to the VIP seating in one of the boxes and the promise of lunch, we wandered to the opposite side of the ground and located a vantage point in the stands just in time for kick off. The standard of football was, for me, surprisingly high and before long I found myself engrossed in the play. I even found myself groaning and putting my hands on my head when Solihull hit the post from a promising attack in midfield. Friendly banter was the order of the day as both sets of fans were dotted around the seating area and just before half time the away side found themselves a goal down from a deft move that ended with a low shot from inside the penalty area sliding in the bottom left hand corner. I look across to our female associates who were clapping enthusiastically, one of whom also had the privilege of attending her maiden game. A lovely lady who, at 75, looked about a dozen years younger than me. Half time meant a brief queue for the food van and one of the most enormous hot dogs I’ve ever eaten. The second half started and almost immediately Solihull doubled their lead to thunderous applause and cheers. The game opened up and before I knew it, added time was being played and Bromley managed to get a well-taken consolation goal. The final whistle blew and everyone wandered away happy. Even the away supporters were ruminating their lost chances with the home fans as they meandered to the car park. So, what were my first impressions of my first game? Well, Solihull Moors is a superb family orientated club. The atmosphere was one of friendly enthusiasm with both sets of fans enjoying a competitive game on an unusually seasonal afternoon. I may not have been fully bitten by the football bug yet but I can certainly feel a nibble. I’m now looking forward to my next game…at home with The Blues.”

We would like to thank the directors, staff, players and both sets of supporters for a very memorable day.  We were grateful for the hospitality we received too!

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