Monday 6th July 2020

Project Restart Football

Since Project Restart many of our members have been able to assemble virtually.

The vast majority of our group usually attend matches together and we have seriously missed the pre match build up and post-match discussions which is the usual norm for football fans all around the world!

A huge part of the match day experience is meeting up with your family and friends before kick off and the excitement that comes with going to a game.

Since our recent run of matches, many of us have been able to virtually watch the games together on Blues TV via Zoom.

“The best part about being involved is catching up with your friends before each game. Although we haven’t missed the disappointing results since the restart! However, since Project Restart we have been able to catch up with friends and family that we otherwise wouldn’t have during these difficult times. It’s been a great way to discuss the game and a good alternative to the lack of atmosphere without the fans in the ground” said Eshaan Badesha.

If there are Blues fans that have any difficulties with or are uncomfortable using Digital Technology and would like some help to do this then please get in touch with us.

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