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Our Mission

Blues 4 All
  • Encourage all communities to join together in supporting our local club.
  • Ensure we welcome with open arms everyone regardless of race, religion, colour, creed, disability, sexual orientation or age.
  • Provide opportunities for younger members to expand their horizons both inside and outside of football.
  • Engage with local communities, places of worship, community centres, youth groups and schools.
  • Breakdown negative perceptions.
  • Showcase the match day experience.
  • Promote equality and diversity.
  • Unite communities.
  • Support the Blues!
“Initially we wanted to bring local people together to support their local club but it’s now much more than that. For example, we’re promoting the club’s ticket incentive scheme where youngsters who can’t normally afford to see a football match have been able to experience it for the first time.”

Micky Singh
Blues 4 All chairman

Meet the team

Mick, Club chairman | Blues 4 All

Club chairman

Bik, Club secretary | Blues 4 All

Club secretary

Jeevan, Committee member | Blues 4 All

Committee member

Neil, Committee member | Blues 4 All

Committee member

Aniel, Committee member | Blues 4 All

Committee member

Brian, Honorary member | Blues 4 All

Honorary member

Colin, Honorary member | Blues 4 All

Committee member

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